We offer unique equipment for melting of aluminium chips based on the technology of the electromagnetic induction stirring of molten metal in reverberatory furnaces.


The main aims of the Stinchcombe Technology Company is to offer the technology of the electromagnetic induction stirring in reverberatory furnaces to our customers and bring them maximum benefits associated with it.

Our customers are currently placing maximal emphasis on the greatest possible savings in production and not least the high quality of the final product. We successfully fulfill both.

The key product of the Stinchcombe Technology Company consists of equipment for melting of aluminium chips, which is with very low metal losses and low operation and maintenance cost a revolutionary device on the market with technologies for processing of aluminium and its alloys.

We also offer solutions to problems with the quality of products and the losses occurring in the manufacturing process. Unique metal homogeneity, significant time savings and minimal loss of production as a result of the installation of our equipment.

The Stinchcombe Technology Company is engineering - supplying organization, which deals with supplies of individual technological units to turnkey projects. We work not only in the Czech Republic and the European Union, but also worldwide.

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